Unmissable Language Links – April 2014

Around the webSo much great content is written about language learning every month. Here’s my pick of unmissable articles from around the web.

Happy reading!

  • How to Bring Up Lagging Speaking Skills – Foreign Language Advice

    “I’m pretty sure that it’s a natural part of language development. I’m reasonably certain that you develop the ability to recognize language before you develop the ability to produce it.

    So what do you do when your speaking skills lag behind and you want to bring them up?”

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    – Ron Gullekson on Language Surfer

  • Why good feedback matters and how to get it

    “Feedback is an integral part of learning a foreign language and there is no doubt that we need it to improve. While it’s certainly possible to learn a lot with simply a lot of exposure to the language, both when it comes to spoken and written language, it’s very hard to increase accuracy in speaking and writing without feedback.”

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    – Olle Linge on Hacking Chinese

  • Language Practice: Why You Don’t Need A Native Speaker

    “What if you have NO native speaker to talk to? Does that mean you will stop learning a language?

    I’m not advocating that you avoid native level input and natural sources of your target language. They are what makes it come alive! By all means, make full use of Italki, social media and your own network to find a good language buddy, but please note the following:

    You don’t actually need a native speaker to practice with.”

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    – Kerstin Hammes on Fluent Language Tuition

  • Think in another language without translating

    “One of the things I have become aware of is to what extent “learning naturally by immersing yourself in a language” works. Is it possible to speak a foreign language “naturally” rather than having to consciously “translate” from your native language?”

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    – Chris Parker on The Polyglot Dream

Over to you: What was your favourite language learning article this month? Or what was the top tip or piece of advice you discovered in April?

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