Unmissable Language Links – February 2014

Around the webSo much great content is written about language learning every month. Here’s my pick of unmissable articles from around the web in February.

  • 8 Ways To Win The ‘Language Power Struggle’

    “A ‘language power struggle’ is the term that has been unofficially been adopted to describe the phenomenon where two people from different linguistic backgrounds, each learning the other’s tongue, engage in a battle of wits to determine which language will be used for the exchange.


    Here are the methods I use to win the battle! I’ve ranked them in order of their effectiveness.”

    – Dan on Chinese-Breeze

  • The Only Real Language Learning Hack

    “Language learners have jumped on the bandwagon and are looking for shortcuts. “What’s the best method?” “How can I learn Spanish in a week?” “Which app will teach me Japanese the quickest?”

    In the digital age everyone is looking for shortcuts.

    I’m going to put forward the case that shortcut is the one thing you should be avoiding at all costs.”

    – Olly Richards on The Mezzofanti Guild (guest post)

  • Kickstart Your Japanese: Get Disturbed

    “After living in Japan for 18 months I had made very little progress. Despite speaking five languages fluently, Japanese was eluding me. I was too busy living my life and spending the little study time I did put aside on low-impact activities.


    Making progress from a place of stagnation involves changing the way you look at language learning and, most importantly, unlearning the bad habits you’ve already picked up.”

    – Olly Richards on GaijinPot (guest post)

Over to you: What was your favourite language learning article this month?

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