Summer Recording Challenge 2013

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What is Summer Recording Challenge 2013?

40 days of recording yourself speaking a foreign language every day.

Why should I take part?

To improve your speaking and/or pronunciation. My focus is on pronunciation so I’ll be mimicking native speakers and recording the result, but you could also practice free speaking as your recording challenge.

Why is recording myself a good idea?

There are three main reasons.

  1. So that you can play it back and compare it with a native speaker’s recording. Listening to both in succession can help you hear the differences.
  2. So, when you’ve finished, you can share it with a native speaker to get more feedback on what you need to improve further.
  3. So you can play it back after the challenge and hear how much you’ve improved. If, every day, you record yourself before you practice (which we highly recommend), you can see how much you’ve improved in the 15 minutes you’ve been practising!

When does the Summer Challenge take place?

The 40 day challenge starts on 1st July 2013 and ends, 40 days later, on 9th August Wednesday 14th August.

How does the Summer Recording Challenge work?

You listen to a native recording, practice saying it yourself (see our step-by-step guide) then record yourself on a computer, with your phone or any other recording device you have available. Share your recording with a native speaker (online or in person) to get feedback.

How do I take part?

Simply comment below or join here to be added to the participant list. Make sure to subscribe to the blog to ensure you get all the latest news and tips about taking part in the challenge.

If you’re putting your recordings online, please do post your link in a comment below or tweet us your info so we can add your link to the participant list.

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Participant list

Name From Recordings in… Connect
1. Thảo (me!) UK Vietnamese @MoreVietnamese
2. Katherine USA Russian
3. Thiên Vietnam English
4. You?

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The twitter hashtag is: #MoreSC

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  1. chi

    em phai noi la,”chia se”
    hay ban theo blog nay,”ban hay theo blog nay”

  2. Thiên

    This is really interesting! Too bad I’m preparing for the coming university entrance exam 🙁

  3. Katherine

    Oh, I hope you’ll choose to offer this (or a similiar) challenge again! I’d love to participate : )

  4. Thiên

    I have passed the entrance exam to university, now can I take part in this activity?

  5. Katherine

    It’s day 1!!! 🙂 I did my recording- a short paragraph about the birth rate in 1995 in Belarus (haha, exciting, I know :p ) but I chickened out of Vietnamese, sorry. I did it in Russian and plan to continue in that language for this challenge.

    Wishing you both a great recording, Thiên and Ruth Elisabeth!

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