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Best of (the lunar year) 2014

New Year Review - Best of 2014 (Lunar Year)It’s New Year’s Eve! The Year of the Horse is about to end and everyone is about to get a year older.

So let’s take a little look at the best of More Vietnamese over the past year and look ahead to 2015 (Year of the Goat).

Top Articles from 2014 (Year of the Horse)

Over the course of 2014 I’ve written 29 articles on More Vietnamese.

I felt like I’ve written practical advice this year and I hope these articles are useful to you. Here are my favourites from the past year:

The most popular

Most popular pages from google searches are The Ultimate Vietnamese Resource List and my music post introducing 10 Vietnamese Pop Artists.

What’s next?

The second half of 2014 was really busy for me personally so I haven’t had much time to write, but I have been learning a lot about language teaching and reflecting on how this affects both learners in the classroom and people who self-study.


As for my own language learning, I’m at a plateau with Vietnamese again. While I have been maintaining my Vietnamese, I’ve probably spent more time in 2014 working on my beginner Korean. However I hope to boost my Vietnamese in the spring by doing 1 or 2 focused 21 day long bursts or sprints of focused learning.

In 2015, expect interesting new articles based on what I’ve learnt this past year and new vocabulary via the Instagram Language Challenge (also posted on the facebook page).

Thank you!

Finally, thank you for reading and supporting More Vietnamese! Thanks to everyone who’s left comments here or on Facebook and those who have asked questions by emails. I get so many of my ideas for articles from you.

I love encouraging people to learn Vietnamese so it’s a pleasure to run this site. Keep visiting and I’ll keep writing.

Over to you: What was (Lunar) 2014 like for you? How was your language learning?

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