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Using to correct your writing

When you start writing in Vietnamese, whether you keep a diary or write topical short essays, it’s vital to get your work corrected by a native so you can learn and improve.

If you don’t have, or don’t want, your teacher or native-speaker friend to correct every single thing you write, that’s where a website like can come to your aid. You can write something of any length, any title, any topic and native speakers will be able to read, correct and often also include explanations for their corrections or provide alternative ways of saying something.

Example of a correction at lang-8

In return you should read and correct journal entries written by other people learning your native tongue.

In my experience, I get a lot of corrections on my essays as the number of native Vietnamese users is higher than the number of Vietnamese learners. If you get so many corrections that you find it hard to go through them all, consider making your journal entries only viewable to your friends.

Friends-only journal setting

Over to you: Do you get your writing corrected? Have you used lang-8? Tell us in the comments!