Time for a new approach

Summer Recording Challenge 2013As you may have gathered, I stopped attending classes and have since left Vietnam. This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop learning, it’s just that I need to adjust my old routine. To be upfront, I’m not sure exactly how this is going to work out. The last time I took a break from classes, I hit a plateau. Plus I’m teaching at an English camp next month and it’s difficult to predict what free time I’ll have. I ummed and ahhed about the next step and then suddenly it hit me…

A Summer Recording Challenge

Do you want to improve your pronunciation? Got 15 minutes to spare every day this summer? Join me on a 40 day challenge to improve your pronunciation by listening to a native speaker, copying them, practising and recording the result. Starting 1st July 2013.

Want to know more? Ready to sign up? Check out the challenge page and keep an eye out for some prepatory guides over the next two weeks, starting tomorrow.

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