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The Ultimate Resource List for learning Vietnamese was the main reason I started this site – it was so hard to find decent, understandable materials for learning and practising Vietnamese.

The list started small, but I’ve been adding new links as I find them. The list has grown and grown and it started getting hard to navigate.

Time for a revamp!

I’ve changed the format to include information about the resource types and the skill(s) they practice.

Take a look and tell me what you think!

Vietnamese resource list

Over to you: What do you think of the new format?

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  1. Geoff Gibson

    greetings from thái bình!have a great day

  2. thadeusz

    Nice list. However the link “review of iPhone apps” is broken: http://www.vietnam720.info/blogs/2012/8/4/learn-vietnamese-language.html

    Maybe this app is a nice addition:

    BTW: I send you a tweet. 😉

  3. thadeusz

    You made a reference to my app as well as to my blog already. :/ But ok, it’s your site. You can do whatever you want. Just wanted to point out. 🙂
    thadeusz recently posted…Post 35: VisualStudio is now open sourceMy Profile

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