Top Vietnamese reading materials for learners (online)

Vietnamese reading materials

Read to improve your Vietnamese.

Vietnamese articles and stories provide natural models of the language in an interesting and engaging context that help you deepen your knowledge and increase your knowledge of Vietnamese.

In language learning it’s important to read articles that are at the right level. If it’s too hard you’ll want to give up. If the material is easy, that can be great for extensive reading (aka reading for pleasure) and deepening your knowledge of words and structures you already know.

But you should also try to balance that with some intensive reading of materials that are challenging but not so much that you get discouraged. With this kind of reading the focus is on understanding the text and it is this ‘studying’ while you read that will help increase your knowledge.

For a long time I didn’t know of any materials with graded language for Vietnamese language learners. Children’s books and comics can be helpful, but they are not the same thing as graded readers.

After digging around, I’ve uncovered some real gems online!

1. Learning Vietnamese Network

Level: elementary, low intermediate.

The site provides bilingual articles, with both northern and southern audio of the Vietnamese text. Some articles are about common textbook topics such as family or education and some are more topical, news-style.

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2. Study Vietnamese

Level: high elementary, low intermediate.

A language school provides bilingual articles – mostly short stories that are cultural, have morals or are funny.

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3. VinaVille

Level: elementary, intermediate.

Articles on VinaVille highlight new or difficult vocabulary and provide translations of these words in English, French and Japanese. There’s also an English translation of the article.

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4. Vietnamese for expats (Tuoi Tre)

Level: high elementary to intermediate.

At the lower level there’s a ‘My Story’ section of articles by learners about their time in Vietnam. Another feature of this site is the ‘Bilingual Library’ – Tuoi Tre newspaper articles with both a Vietnamese and English version (not a literal translation).

Both types of articles highlight new or difficult vocabulary and provide a key with English translations.

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5. VietFun Truyện

Level: intermediate, high intermediate.

Moving on to more natural material, I like this huge collection of short stories and legends.

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These are my favourite places to find interesting Vietnamese reading materials that I can actually read. You can find more, especially for higher levels, on our resources page.

Over to you: Do you have any favourite Vietnamese reading materials?

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