Languages with Liz


I’m Elisabeth, though you can call me Liz (or my Vietnamese nickname Thao).

As well as Vietnamese, I’ve been learning other languages and teaching English since 2011.

In fact, I’ve even presented at teaching conferences. I’ve really spent 12+ years honing the art of teaching and learning languages.

Instead of teaching lessons where you learn vocabulary or practice speaking, my work focuses on teaching you how to learn a language.

I coach people who are stuck on their language learning journey in 1:1 sessions and inspire people to speak a foreign language with confidence through my 8 week coaching program – Speak with Confidence (currently in Beta phase).


I want to speak with confidence


How many languages can Liz speak?

To be honest… I find it difficult to answer the “are you fluent?” question. Fluency is rather subjective!

I can comfortably get by with day to day life in Vietnamese and Russian. I can manage as a tourist and have satisfying, though basic, conversations in Spanish and French (and I can read pretty well in French).

I’ve also dabbled in Korean and Esperanto, and held conversations in each in the past. I could get by in Bulgarian before I started learning Russian and I can still understand some Bulgarian but would reply in Russian…

So, you tell me – how many languages can I “speak”? 😉


I want to know more!

Check out my new YouTube channel here.

Most blog posts on my Vietnamese blog apply to learning any foreign language.