Learn Vietnamese online – the ultimate resource list

The ultimate list of Vietnamese resources – materials and tools to help you learn Vietnamese online.

The list is organised by level and it’s also updated every few months, so keep checking back or subscribe for updates.

Vietnamese resource list

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General Vietnamese resources




Unfortunately neither of these are very active in these days. If you know of an active forum, send me the link!

Study groups

Published self-study Vietnamese resources

There are various books and audio courses that you can use to learn Vietnamese independently (ie. without a teacher).

These are usually not free, but can be a worthwhile investment – or sometimes you can find them in a library. If you are in Vietnam, there are many more options in bookshops.

Absolute beginner

For beginners who already know the basics

Multiple levels

  • VietnamesePod101*. While not a complete resource, they now have materials for a range of levels. Northern, last time I checked.
  • Glossika is available in both Northern and Southern Vietnamese.

General language resources

  • HelloTalk for messaging/audio language exchanges

Resources to learn Vietnamese online

Resources, lessons and authentic materials to help you practice and learn more Vietnamese online. Unlike the links above, they are not complete courses. They are designed to help you practice more at home, not to completely replace a course book or tutor!

Absolute Beginner

Top guides:


Resource Format Skills Accent
EveryDayViet.com on youtube Video lessons Vocab Southern
VinaVille videos on pronunciation and simple vocab Video lessons Vocab, Pronunciation Southern
“How to say…” in Vietnamese Articles embedded with video Vocab Southern
Beginner videos by TVO on youtube Video lessons Vocab Northern
Survival Phrases – Vietnamese 101 Audio lessons Vocab Either
120 common words with audio Vocab list Vocab
Lessons teaching simple phrases and vocab (available in Vietnamese-English, Vietnamese-French, V-Korean, V-Japanese, V- Chinese, V- German, V-Spanish, V-Italian) Lessons, flashcard games Vocab
PDF phrasebook Phrasebook Vocab
Survive in Vietnam with these phrases Vocab list Vocab

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Top guides:

Resource Format Skills Accent
Learn Vietnamese with Annie on youtube – especially her diaries Video lessons Vocab, Grammar, Pronunciation, Listening Mixed
LangHub ‘beginner’ vocab lists, with audio Vocab list Vocab Southern
Vietnamese 101 introductory information and vocab lists (basic) Articles about grammar Vocab, Grammar
Blog about Vietnamese grammar and vocabulary (archive) Articles about grammar Grammar, Vocab Northern
‘A Glimpse of Vietnam’ role-play videos Videos Listening Northern
Some Level ‘A’ exercises – the readings and listenings are particularly useful Exercises Reading, Listening, Grammar, Vocab Northern
Our YouTube playlist for this level Videos Listening Mixed
Our YouTube playlist of Vietnamese videos with subtitles and Annie’s playlist Videos Listening Mixed
Free vocabulary lists from VPod Vocab list with audio Vocabulary
Learn Vietnamese with a Saigonese Blog, videos and paid lessons All Southern

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Low Intermediate

Top guides:

Resource Format Skills Accent
Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate videos by TVO on youtube Video lessons Vocab Northern
LangHub ‘intermediate’ vocab lists, with audio Vocab list Vocab Southern
Watch Qùa Tặng Cuộc Sống short animations (also on YouTube) Videos Listening Mixed
Grammar points taken from authentic materials like cartoons and jokes on Sea Horse Viet Articles about grammar Grammar, Vocab Northern
Our YouTube playlist for this level Videos Listening Mixed

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High Intermediate

Resource Format Skills Accent
VietnamesePod101.com‘s ‘advanced’ material (only free for 7 days) Lessons Vocab, Listening, Reading (optional) Northern
Advanced video(s) by TVO on youtube Video lessons Vocab Northern
Online Vietnamese Reading Program by Arizona State University Articles Reading
Read Truyện cười Articles Reading
Read the story of Hoàng Tử Bé (The Little Prince) Story Reading
Watch TV online here or especially here TV Listening Both
Play an online game in Vietnamese (more recommendations here) Gaming Reading
Read newspapers online Articles Reading
Find more authentic materials from blogs, TV shows to forums, all in Vietnamese Links Reading, Listening

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Resource Format Skills Accent
Vietnamese Idioms & Slang by Arizona State University Articles explaining use Vocab
List of idioms (with English translation) List of idioms Vocab

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Resources about learning Vietnamese in languages other than English

A list of anything we find written in other languages about learning Vietnamese online.

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Vietnamese Grammar Resources

Got a Vietnamese grammar point you want to learn more about?

Here are a selection of Vietnamese grammar articles and videos on common topics:

Adjectives (tính từ)

In Vietnamese (unlike in English), you don’t need to use a verb with adjectives.


Learn how to use anh, chị, em etc.

Verbs (động từ) and tenses

General grammar

Top general grammar resource: Sea Horse Viet grammar articles (see also contents table for Lessons 1-20 and 21-40).

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Is your favourite resource missing?

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