How to start learning Vietnamese

Welcome to More Vietnamese. Where you should start learning Vietnamese depends on what you’re looking for.

I’m just curious about Vietnamese

Maybe you have questions about the Vietnamese language, like why do some Vietnamese words have two accent marks? Head to the FAQs to learn more.

Or perhaps you just want to find out more about the Vietnamese language and culture.

I want to learn Vietnamese. How do I get started?

You can get a taste of Vietnamese online. How & Where to start learning Vietnamese as an absolute beginner.

If you’ve already learnt the basics and you’re looking for materials to practice with, there’s a more extensive list on our resources page.

If you happen to be in Saigon, these free classes could be a great way to started.

I know some Vietnamese but I want to improve

You could start with one of these articles:

Still have questions?

If you’re still wondering about something to do with learning Vietnamese, get in touch here or through facebook.