Vietnamese Music – 10 Pop Artists

Vietnamese musiciansMusic is a fun way to get in touch with Vietnamese culture and can even benefit your language learning.

But I have a confession…

When I lived in Vietnam I didn’t really listen to Vietnamese music. There are three main reasons.

  • There’s a weird phenomenon that most Vietnamese people sing with a Northern accent, no matter where they are from.
  • My teenage students were into K-Pop. That’s probably because…
  • Pop music isn’t really mainstream in Vietnam.

    The kind of songs popular with my friends were ballads and love songs, which are not my cup of tea. Vietnamese pop music is often criticised in the media for being too Western or too much like Korean pop music.

By the time I left Vietnam I only had 6 songs on my ‘Vietnamese music’ playlist. And one of those was a parody of a K-Pop song.

So I decided to investigate and see if I could find some Vietnamese pop music (aka V-Pop) which is called nhạc trẻ in Vietnamese.

10 Vietnamese Pop Musicians

Here are some of my favourite Vietnamese musicians, covering a range of styles.

Word of warning: Many of these songs have a catchy beat to them but are still quite melancholic.

Unfortunately a lot of the songs have been removed from download site Zing MP3. This page may be updated from time to time.

Read on, or view all 10 as a YouTube playlist.


He mostly sings ballads but there are some poppier songs like this one.

Download Forever Alone from Zing MP3.


Model-turned-R&B-singer Emily is both a solo artist and regularly teams up with other singers like JustaTee.

Download Dừng Lại Nhé from Zing MP3.

FB Boiz

A fun boyband based in Saigon who describe their music style as R&B and Hip Hop.

Download Em Có Biết from Zing MP3.

Đông Nhi

A soloist who composes many of her own songs.

Download Khi Mưa from Zing MP3

Trương Qùynh Anh

She mainly sings ballads, but this is a poppier song.

Download Hãy Bước Qua Nhau from Zing MP3.

Á Đông

Their sound is very Vietnamese but accompanied by a pop or dance soundtrack.

Downloads of Vầng Trăng Tình Yêu seem unavailable outside of VN.


A younger rapper. I’m not normally into rap but it’s refreshing to hear a Saigon accent!

Downloads of Hy Vọng Vô Hạn seem unavailable outside of VN.

Thái Tuyết Trâm

She sings several lovely acoustic covers of other Vietnamese songs.

Downloads of Tình Yêu Màu Nắng seem unavailable outside of VN.

Diễm Hương

She has an incredible voice. The first time I heard this song I got chills down my spine. It’s no wonder she was on Vietnam’s “The Voice”.

This is a good song to sing along to as it’s fairly slow and it’s easy to understand the basic message of the song.

Downloads of Who Cares seem unavailable outside of VN.

365 DaBand

This band have a Western or K-Pop vibe to them. They also occasionally sing in English, cover or mash-up English songs. Isaac also does solos.

Downloads of 365daband songs seem unavailable outside of VN.

Resources to continue exploring Vietnamese music

  • To find Vietnamese lyrics search for [title] lời bài hát or [title] lyrics (eg. Forever Alone lời bài hát).
  • For more V-Pop recommendations go here, here or for female singers here.
  • If you do like ballads, you’re in luck! There’s a huge range of them with English translations here.

Over to you: Do you listen to music in a foreign language? Do you like any Vietnamese musicians?

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  1. Claire

    I’m a huge pop music fan so I was really looking forward to this list. Well done! 😉

    Music is one of my favorite tools and I use it A LOT when I’m in the process of learning a new language. It helps you with pronunciation, vocabulary and listening comprehension in general.

    I’m off to listen to some V-Pop now! 😉

  2. Adam

    I don’t know any Vietnamese, but I love this brooding song:

    I’m learning Thai, and a Thai song that I really love is

  3. HappyVietnamese

    Hey Claire! For more Vietnamese Pop Music Artist go to this blog is daily update with new and old artists with their songs!

  4. Adam


  5. SJ

    Thank you for this list! My sentiments exactly…either Vnese songs are like really slow ballad which i do not enjoy, or they are completely western R&B style. This list is exactly what I was looking for, please keep posting more songs like these 🙂

  6. SJ

    This is my list, although majority is northern accent:

    Hoàng Thùy Linh:

    This is like a soft rock song: Rung Động (

    These two songs have good beats but more serious, has been her style since her sex scandal I guess:
    Ngày Không Anh (
    Đừng Vội Vàng (

    Noo Phước Thịnh:

    This has very catchy music:
    Gạt Đi Nước Mắt (


    Nice beats although song is about breakup: KHÔNG CẢM XÚC (
    This one you probably heard a lot during tet: CON BƯỚM XUÂN (

    And a one off hit by OnlyC, funny song with good beats:
    Anh Khong Doi Qua (

  7. David Ngo

    For anyone who is looking for new and trendy vietnamese music, I recommend checking out this blog

    Deffo new impression of the upcoming Vpop scene! We are slowly improving…

  8. T.Vo

    Your first bullet is completely wrong. Almost all Vietnamese songs are sung in the Southern accent. Listen to Minh Tuyet, Ho Ngoc Ha, or Anh Minh if you want to hear Vietnamese pop. However, almost all of the songs you hear will be a mixture of pop and love ballads.

    • Jay

      TVo has no idea what he’s talking about. The only songs sung in southern accent are southern folk songs. Everything else is sung in a northern accent, even by southerners. TVO is probably a Vietnamese-American who can barely speak Viet, and 2 of the singers he lists are from Vietnamese-American variety shows that only old people watch and the youth in Vietnam don’t really follow.

    • Minh

      I used to cringe at Vpop but the music videos coming out recently have been a lot better.

      Mr. Right by Isaac is quality EDM pop, or An Gi Day by Mr.T and Hoa Minzy, which I almost want to classify as trap.

  9. YEO C H

    Great V Pop info sharing!
    I was wondering where could I buy CDs in HCMC or on-line of Thái Tuyết Trâm, Anh Khang, Thuy Chi?

  10. Ohanzi

    Diễm Hương is a good singer.. All these songs including the albums can be downloaded here.. enjoy ! there are other viet websites that allow you to download for free..

  11. bbyunnie21

    this is my list,I’m Vietnamese and I think this list of RnB and pop is good,so popular in Vietnam
    She Neva Know- Justatee
    Thời gian sẽ trả lời -Justatee,big daddy,tiên cookie
    Im lặng – Lk,P.A
    Thu cuối – Hằng Bingboong,mr T,Yanbi
    these are underground in vietnam,u can enjoy it <3 <3

    • bbyunnie21

      sorry wrong link,this is thời gian sẽ trả lời

  12. makis

    I`ve been to Saigon 12years ago when I met a young girl singer My Tam
    I was impressed so much that I started
    looking for her songs all the time
    since now and believe me she was good
    You must look a lot and find out
    what I mean

  13. Tom Purcell

    I was looking for Thai Trinh, I guess she didn’t make it in the music business, she was so good….

    • Quang Huy

      Thai Trinh now is actually a V-pop star. You can check her music videos on youtube

  14. Jason

    Any place to find CDs? I just discovered my dad is/was Vietnamese via FamilyTreeDNA. Anyway, YesAsia doesn’t have them.

  15. John

    Song Tung Mtp should be on here

  16. crazyoscar

    Vietnamese b-boy is the best at this video

  17. Benny D. Martinez

    Great artist. I listen to everything around the world.

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