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I love hearing readers’ experiences with learning Vietnamese. If you’d like to share yours on the blog, your tips or favourite resources then please get in touch.

There are 5 ways you can contribute:

  • Write a review or share your experience of a Vietnamese course or language school. *
  • Create a Top 10 or Best Of list. Maybe you don’t like pop music but you can come up with 10 favourite ballads. Maybe you love comics or cartoons and want to share your favourite.
  • Be interviewed as a successful Vietnamese language learner. See example.
  • Write about a specific topic relating to learning Vietnamese or learning a language in general. *
  • Translate one of More Vietnamese articles from English into Vietnamese.

* approx 500-1000 words

Sounds like something you could do? Great! I’d love to hear from you.

Rules and provisos

This blog is about helping people to learn more Vietnamese. I may not accept posts if the article:

  • has already been, or will be, published elsewhere. Original content only, please!
  • is commercial in nature or that are aimed at advertising any site that is commercial in nature.
  • doesn’t fit in with my blog and what More Vietnamese readers are looking for.

How guest posting works

  1. Send me a title and a rough outline or summary of your article.
  2. I’ll get back to you and let you know what I think.
  3. You send me the finished article, preferably formatted for WordPress (using HTML) or otherwise as a plain text document. You’ll also send me a one-paragraph bio (see example) and picture if you wish.
  4. We’ll set a date to publish the article and we’ll promote it together – eg. on social media. (Go, Team!)
  5. You’ll read and reply to people’s comments on your article. Interaction with readers is really important.

Submit your idea

Or send it to hello {at}

One reply on “Help More Vietnamese”

I’m Australian and have a Vietnamese partner I’m struggling with pronounciation and way someone could help like a song or a rhyme ect or a way to help I’m trying so hard on my own but I need help