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So, things have been busy for the past couple of months and probably will continue to be until Tết.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to join Lindsay on her quest to share new vocabulary on Instagram, starting this month. I’m aiming to post 3-4 pictures a week.

IGLC january 2015

You can find me on Instagram here.


While you’re there, you should also follow Viet Wordly who post gorgeous Vietnamese vocabulary pictures.

Over to you: Have you ever used Instagram to learn new vocabulary? How about joining in with the challenge?

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There are, due to them having many words with Chinese roots.

I’ve never learnt Japanese but I’m told fridge is literally ‘cold cupboard’, same as Vietnamese, and the word for prepare in Japanese sounds very similar to chuẩn bị which also sounds like Korean 준비 (jun bi).

Ahh, I see. That’s really interesting seeing as how Japanese is always considered to be…’out there on its own’ so to speak. I was initially surprised how much Chinese influence thee was but when you consider history it does all make sense. Then of course, when it comes to Vietnamese (and Korean as you mentioned), again, geographically and historically, it figures! 🙂

Yes just like we Europeans have borrowed words from our neighbours and/or occupiers, so have East Asians. Which is interesting for us language geeks!

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