Vietnamese books in London libraries

Vietnamese books in a London library
Vietnamese books in a London library

It seems I didn’t need to bring so many Vietnamese books back with me to the UK as I’ve found a decent collection in south London.

Initially I only looked in the languages section of the library where I found two Vietnamese-English dictionaries but no course books. Only later did I discover a shelf dedicated to ‘heritage languages’ containing around 40 books in Vietnamese.

Library details

The Library at Deptford Lounge

Vietnamese resources available:

  • 2 concise dictionaries.
  • Around 40 novels, a book of short stories and a few non-fiction books (including a bilingual book about Hồ Chí Minh).

For literature and history fans

The British Library has a range of Vietnamese literature from several old manuscripts in Chữ Nôm to classic newspaper articles.

I’ll update this list of Vietnamese books and resources in London libraries as and when I find more.

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